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The evolution of civil and penal law with regard to the needs of equity and justice, push the professionals of the judicial domains to find customized solutions to new claims of particulars, enterprises and institutions in front of administrative and judicial authorities.

The attorney at law needs to gain the confidence of his customers by being aware and at the front with the institutional and legal changes.

The judicial organizations of the majority of European countries which roots can be found in the history of the “civil law” family are now under the pressure of legislative harmonization or unification. In Switzerland, this unification follow the same process: with the introduction of the new law on the supreme court (nouvelle loi sur le Tribunal Federal) on January 1st, 2007, this process follows with the adoption of the new code of civil and penal procedure which will be applicable to the whole Swiss territory. The federal law on the free movement of attorney at laws (Loi Fédérale sur la Libre Circulation des Avocats (LLCA)) , into force since june 1st 2002, adapts the relations between attorneys at law to be able to ensure the representation of their customers in front of the courts of foreign countries.

In this context, the services at the disposition of particulars, enterprises and institutions can be realized. How one can resolve the effects of a separation or a divorce which occur or should be solved in front of the courts of two different countries or taking into account the legislation of two different countries? How one can resolve the liquidation of matrimonial regimes within the context of special legislation? How to proceed to the “exequatur” in different jurisdictions? How to face a abusive firing? On the penal side, how one can better protect himself against possible claim following a traffic accident, corporal lesions or simply the introduction of a penal claim in front of a court? In the commercial domains, how to create and administer enterprises, foundations, trusts or associations? How to proceed to the establishment of holdings, etc.?

To those and other relative questions, you can get personalized advices and answers. In the international context, the international commercial law, intellectual property and new technologies are also domains treated for our customers. The interventions can be enterprised in front of the WTO or the WIPO based in Geneva, Switzerland. Finally, if you want to develop your business in countries of Latin America, gain new market shares or simply start a business, a customized accompaniment is offered in order to better conduct negotiations on the administrative, civil and diplomatic sides.